Sulfure is a Death / Thrash Metal from Lausanne, Switzerland. It was founded in 2008 by Jonathan Emery and Raphael Tomatis (ex-keyboard).

The band is now composed by: Jonathan Emery (Vocals & Guitar), Maxence Bender (Bass & Backing Vocals), Fabien Fivaz (Drums) and Telmo Santiago (Guitar).

The band released their first videoclip “Becoming Your Master” in 2012 and the single “Fuck this Sausage and eat the Smelly Cheese” in 2013.


The first album, In the Heart of Madness is available in stores from 17th january 2014.


It all began in 2007, when Jonathan and Raphael decided to play music together. They would see each other each Sunday and composed three songs. The first one was Burn you all.

They tried looking for other band members and Jonathan thought of Maxence Bender, one of his childhood friends and thaught him to play the Bass.

The other band member was Thommaso Rizzo, a friend of Raphael who joined the band as the 2nd guitarplayer.


Named Avalanche, the band had a hard time looking for a drummer.


Around that time, they used to play Experimental Neo-Rock Metal. Thommaso is not a fan of the style so he quits the band in February.


Days later, Jonathan meets the future drummer, Fabien Fivaz who was an ex-member of Phyloxera. After some time, the band name changes to Sulfure.


They finally get to play in their first concert, the 31st may, in which they play Burn you All and Destruction.

Raphael quits the band soon later and Kevin Valloton joins them in November.


In 2009, Sulfure starts getting more gigs and becomes quite known in Lausanne. That’s when they choose to become more aggressive and start composing more metal-ish songs such as Saved By Death and Eternal Nightmare.


Jonathan started to growl and Kevin would prefer a Heavy-Melodic kinda voice. He then quits the band and is replaced by Nicolas Solioz, which lived in Valais.


2010 doesn’t start well for Sulfure. Nicolas, tired of his 3 hours-a-day journey, decides to quit. The other band members understand his decision.

They look for another guitarplayer and finally get to meet Martin.


They record the first EP with Tony Sharp (Algebra) and release new songs.


The EP is a success! They get more sellings and gigs, however, Martin and Jonathan aren’t quite the best friends so Martin quits the band in September.

It’s a dark time for Sulfure and they choose to take some time for them and to compose new songs by doing many jam sessions.


From those jama, many songs are born: Becoming Your Master, The Empire of Fire & Ghost of Despair.


In 2012, the new guitarplayer joins them, Telmo Santiago who quickly learns all their songs. They record new songs and play alltogether at Petit Léman Pub in Vevey.


In summer, they release the first self-produced videoclip and Telmo creates the website.


They enter the studio to record the first official albumIn The Heart of Madness at the end of the year.


Mid-year in 2013 is an important time for Sulfure. The line-up becomes stable and the 4 band members feel like they’ve known each other since they’re born! They record, do videos, look for concerts and opportunities. It’s their comeback! They finish recording In The Heart of Madness, the first official album in april 2013 which then goes by the mixing, mastering and production phases. Their feeling takes them to compose new songs as well.


The 4 guys create Fat Sausage Records, their own label and organise the  first event in Undertown, Meyrin.


Sulfure is back to crush some bones!